Things that I love so far about Rio de Janeiro


1. My body type is well represented on the beach. Lots of women in bikinis with butts, rolls, tummies and dimples and not a care in the world.


2. Eating grilled shrimps on the beach. They bring ’em by on skewer for about a $1.75. Com limon? Sim, por favor.

3. Obtaining many things on the beach without leaving your chair: sarongs, nuts, piece of grilled cheese (they come by with a little cooker and grill it with oregano right there), capirinhas (Brazilian margarita), cerveja (beer), sunglasses, whistles, bikinis, Arabic food…I had really good Arabic pies today with cheese, a vegetable, chicken. The list goes on…

4. Even the hallway of my Airbnb is interesting — a neighbor was playing great samba music on a Tuesday afternoon and I could have just sat on the cool floor and listened…

5. Fresh juices any time of the day. My favorite so far: Abacaxi, hortela e gengibre. (pinneaple, mint and ginger)

6. Boyfriend and girlfriends openly French kissing. Something I’ve seen more then once. Yum!


7. People making offerings of white and yellow roses to the sea, no doubt to Yemanja, goddess of the sea. Feb 2nd is her special day.


8. Sliding a flip flop onto each elbow so you can walk the beach hands free.

9. All ages playing spontaneous beach futebol (soccer). Watched one game with a 5 year old and a 40 year old in it and everyone was having a good time.


10. Hearing a language all the time that I barely understand but even the man belting “agua” all day sounds like part of a song.


11. A huge city surrounded by dramatic mountains flush with the beach.


12. Carnival in Copacabana means you can stimaltaneously swim, play volleyball/soccer, beach, drink beer and dance to a live band while it moves down the street so very slowly.





Ingredients for a Perfect Trip


The phrase that keeps coming to me is ingredients–not stuff–but I have been obsessed with stuff for days.

I wanted to get it just right. The right amount of style and comfort. The right amount of essentials that weren’t too big or lacking and would keep me healthy while on the road.

I’m en route as I write this and just arrived as I publish and edit. It’s pretty clear that my pack is too heavy but its too late for that now.

The prudent thing to do is to test the weight of your pack before you leave. This I know but I didn’t over pack so it wasn’t going to be too heavy, right? I had a lot to do before I left but I was also spending time obsessing with ingredients for a perfect trip and maybe not aways the right ones. I’ll be honest here: I put a lot of energy a specific pair of shoes that in the final hour I had to ask my housemate to return for me and not nearly enough time into essential travel planning.

Some of my preparations were practical: the right beauty products for my hair and skin that would save space and weight (in theory), the right ‘friggin toothpaste ( not to big, not too small, not too much sodium lauryl sulfate) and the right amount of pills. Working in the natural products industry for 20 years I pride myself on being able to know how to support my body with supplements in any given moment. But I brought a lot of pills but it’s my first day here and I’m going to try to hit the Chinatown here for some additional gastrointestinal support I didn’t bring.

I splurged on Mp3 music right before I  left. A huge music list that I had been cultivating for over a year now on Amazon which deserves its own blog post. I rarely buy music. I often fall for songs but suffer YouTube when I want to listen to them. I could have waited and spent that money on travel necessities, like hotel or restaurants. What if someone steals my crappy mp3 player from 2008? The good thing about that is that the music is all backed up at home on my computer and hard drive.

I wanted everything to be how I wanted it to be—the soundtrack of my happy moments with me. It’s already been great. It’s like I have my good friends of the last year with me.

In the end it’s never really perfect and you have to go with the flow and what you have control of rather then what you don’t.

But here’s hoping…

A lot really does work out in the end.

At Risk Behavior for Internet Dependents, Insomniacs and Those with Sore Scrolling Thumbs

photo(With Modifications)

If you feel the Internet is taking over your life, can’t put the smart phone down or you are projecting all over your Touch Screen you might be wise to check yourself for the following at behaviors:

Not owning an alarm clock. Therefore your cell phone must live close to your head while you sleep. Don’t you know about EMF’s? Note I am not referring to EDM which stands for Electronic Dance Music.

Checking your email in the middle of the night. What is so god damn important?

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My New Years Prayer

Personally I want to continue to break free of stagnancy in my internal and external environments. I want to continue to shed layers that don’t serve me. I want to dive deeper within myself and into all parts of myself. I want to see and rest in daily beauty.

For my family and loved ones: I want them to continue to grow strong, healthy and happy. I want them to be able to step out of their comfort zones while remaining supported and stable.

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