Carnaval SF 2014

I took many photos as I was excited to participate in Carnival this year— that is as a bystander. When I lived in the Mission I almost got spoiled to the idea of Carnival. I could roll on out at whatever time I felt like. Even if I got there late there was still a lot to see. Now that I live in Oakland I made a point to get there early for the parade and cherish the spirit of Carnival I love so much.

One reason I love Carnival so dearly is that I started studying samba dance more than 20 years ago and was part of a samba dance troupe that performed in the Brazilian carnival style. I fell in love with Brazilian music and dancing samba instantly. I love the costumes, the feathers and of course the music! It’s a special joy one can experience through the drums, the colors and the smiles. I love Carnival in the Mission of San Francisco because it is an opportunity for people to come together and express cultural traditions from around the world including those from San Francisco! That opportunity extends for the people in the parade and the people watching. Baile!

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See Ceasar Chavez, The Movie


Warning: mild spoilers, mostly opinions about the film

I am glad I went to see this movie and I would see it again tomorrow. I was moved by the tenacity and bravery of Cesar Chavez illustrated in the film. He and rallying farm workers kept going fighting for decent working conditions and wages after dealing with so much resistance, fear of retribution and the danger of being hurt or killed.

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Looking Like Potential


By now it’s a bit past the first season of Looking on HBO, the new “gay” show. It has been renewed for season two which I am looking forward to, no pun intended.

Maybe you’ve seen the series by now and have your own sentiments. I caught up a bit late viewing via HBO Go. I still wanted to put my two cents in because for me–it’s a Bay Area show just as much as it is show about gay guys living in San Francisco. Actually I think it is a show about “people” living in San Francisco.

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Money Tree Mission District SF


This public art piece is long gone. It was at the corner of 15th and Van Ness for a long time, sitting inside an empty lot. It was around the corner from where I used to live in the Mission District. It had been up way before the recent surge of issues regarding the inhabitants of San Francisco. I’m glad I got to photograph it before it went away for good. Now they are building something–probably condos. Not that there isn’t anything wrong with making new housing–it was an empty lot–but what demographic will be able to afford them? It’s not easy to forget the poor when you are in San Francisco as there are many people living on the street there. But do you ever wonder if they get enough food? Food with nutrition? Continue reading

The Organic Hustle

Selling in Union Square Farmers Market, NYC

Selling in Union Square Farmers Market, NYC about 1984

I’ve been at this a long time. Saying it like that makes it sound like I am old, but I’ve been part of a movement since before I could walk, so then yes it has been some time.

My parents were organic farmers and they started in 1975. That was almost 40 years ago! Even before ’75 they were macrobiotic practitioners studying away with other yin/yang hopefuls chewing brown rice together.

The organic food industry is now worth over 30 billion dollars!

It’s almost hard for me to make the jump. When did it get so big?

Back in the early 80’s only a handful of people cared about organic.

Back then it was just us. There were other farmers of course but we could point to them on a map. Continue reading

Juana Alicia Mural 24th and York

La Llorona (The Weeping Woman)

This is by far one of my favorite murals in San Francisco. What draws me to it are the colors, the artistry and extensive intricacy of the stories that are woven onto the side of the building. I also have been fortunate to have met the artist, Juana Alicia when she subbed for my painting class at Berkeley City College.

I could sit for hours and study this mural–albeit for the fact it is on the street and that I might become very sad. It is the story of women around the world, their struggle for sovereignty and the fight for earths resources, in this case: the rights for water.

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My Little Food Revolution

It’s a little funny that my next health post involves chia seed because my previous post indicated that chia may not give us the healthy fats we are looking for. So it goes. It has been said that health and happiness is direction and not a destination. New research and knowledge is made available all the time. It is our job as consumers, as humans on this planet called Earth to sort through what makes sense for our bodies.

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Mission Girls Mural 24th and Harrison

Always a Mission Girl.

Mural at the corner of 24th and Harrison in San Francisco.

Mission Girls is an after-school program for Latina girls that includes homework help, reading groups, fitness and ethnic dance. Mission Girls provides Case Management for girls ages 13 and up, who have been involved in the Juvenile Justice System, who engage in “at-risk” behavior, and/or have low academic performance. It is operated by the Mission Neighborhood Center.

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