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Dia de Los Muertos at Garfield Park 2015 (photos and observations)


It’s been a few years since I have attended Dia de los Muertos altars at Garfield Park in San Francisco. The last time I went it felt a little Burning Man, enjoyable but less the event I thought it should be. The altars seemed larger than life, artful but some of them seemed more focused on the spectacle then creating a special memory of someone.

That time I was there I was conscious of the community attending the event. Was the event attended by white folks co-opting the holiday or was it for people of Mexican heritage? New transplants to San Francisco ready to drink beer and paint a skull face? What was the true meaning of this holiday? Did anyone know why they were painting their face like a skull? Which was the prettiest one? Were we able to transcend these details and get into the space of celebrating death, truly?

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Vamola After All These Years


I got to see my “old” samba troupe perform in Seattle a few weeks ago. They were still jamming and sounding pretty good on that Brazilian beat. Memories of my formative best-time-ever moments came flooding back. Dancing with Vamola is one of the most satisfying things I have ever done. We samba-ed our butts off for the Seattle Folk life festival, Seattle Pride parade, Bumbershoot and a bunch of other things in the earlier part of the 2000 decade. Memories that include:  our talented director Tom Armstrong (what ever happened to Quasi-Nada?), Kate our dance leader, dating a fellow Vamola-er, making a costume of red–one of which I have never been able to throw away. I am still carrying the feathers around. What do I do with them? I can’t throw them away.

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Gold Chairs Duboce/Church San Francisco

If you live in San Francisco or have visited the lower Haight or Duboce park you then you have seen these chairs and this post is nothing new. But if you live far away and haven’t seen them then you can enjoy the sights of these gold chairs from afar. Homeless people are often seen sitting in them and less not-homeless than you’d think. They are too busy waiting to board the N Judah, the popular Muni train that stops at Church and Duboce where these chairs are located. It could be said that we have gold chairs for the homeless in San Francisco but enough beds.

Have a seat.

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Visiting Angel Island


I had a little Bay Area staycation recently and took the opportunity to visit one of the places that has been on my to do list for many years: Angel Island.

I highly recommend it.

Don’t wait 9 years of living in the Bay Area like I did. Apparently it’s not unusual for local residents to have never visited Angel Island. You take the ferry from the Ferry Building or Pier 41 for $18 and it’s a beautiful ride across the bay.

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What is the Healthiest Mayo to Eat?

Looking for the best mayonnaise became a little bit of an obsession for a while.

It went on for over a month or more. That may sound a little long but if you have to be that strict for health reasons you know what I am talking about it.  You can also go a little crazy about ingredients.

It’s tough out there being a food vigilante. Either because you have food sensitivities/allergies or you are trying to buy the most nutritionally sound and healthy product like me. Store bought food is highly processed and a lot of so-called healthy options are really not that healthy.

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San Francisco, should we all just move on?

SFist posted a piece the other day suggesting that we need to move on from the pains that ails us regarding San Francisco’s massive sea of change in culture and real estate greed. Like a relationship that didn’t work out, we need to stop bemoaning our vanishing city and just get over it.

Do we need to move on?

Are we talking about it too much?

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