Fremont (Seattle) Summer Solstice Parade

I was glad to see that the freaks and geeks and pagans and queers and just generally creative, political people are alive and well in Seattle. The city has changed a lot in the past ten years in terms of development and demographics. But so far in this little corner of the city, hippies remain. This photo essay is missing many of the famous naked … Continue reading Fremont (Seattle) Summer Solstice Parade

San Miguel de Allende Street Art Part 2

Lots of street art to love in San Miguel de Allende. This is two of four collections of street art I will posting from San Miguel de Allende, Mexico that I photographed in the fall of 2016. It has been cultivated in the Guadeloupe neighborhood through the organization Muros En Blanco who had another street art festival this past February. Check out the first collection … Continue reading San Miguel de Allende Street Art Part 2

Carnival in A Rio Neighborhood

Carnival in Rio gets wild on the beach.. The Sambadrome is ready for people and floats like you see on TV but meanwhile… Neighborhoods all over Rio make their own party like this that I enjoyed at last year’s (2016) celebration.   All ages, all races joined in to play music together and follow the small parade around the neighborhood. Some people danced, a fair … Continue reading Carnival in A Rio Neighborhood