I am a Traveler


I enjoy Living Bold

photography street art everywhere I go

telling stories

dancing through Carnival and to music from all over Latin America

and the African diaspora

joy is our birthright

Three years ago I took over a year off and left California—my home of 20 years. I traveled to South America and Mexico where I studied Spanish, volunteered for room and board and— lived out of a backpack for a year and a half.

It was about doing what would make me happy, what was in my heart—and not choosing a way to live just because that is what other people do.

But living bold and not following the pack has always been my life.

I grew up on an organic farm, was homeschooled, and a samba dancer. I spent many years studying herbalism and nutrition, living in the thick of wild alt culture in San Francisco, just to name a few...

Enjoy my travel tips and stories, collections of street art, you just might get INSPIRED.

Erin is a blogger, content creator, wellness expert, retail veteran, photographer & dancer.

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