Erin Roan MacDonald

Madonna needs a brand new bag

I have loved Madonna forever. She is up there with; clothing, dancing and pretty things. When I was 13, I entered a lip synching contest at the Haunt, a nightclub located in the alley on Green St. There were two categories, groups and soloists-I was in the solo category, competing against another Madonna. It was 1985. She was of age and not chaperoned by her parents. She did Dress you up, I did Burning Up. I won.

On my lunch break I escape the noise of the my work to the calming repetition of Walgreens. I am distracted of my boredom and anxiety by scanning the magazines to see what Brittney Spears is up to or how to loose 10 pounds in four weeks.

Madonna is on the cover of W magazine this month, where she is photographed in Rio de Janeiro with her current boy toy-Jesus Luz, the twenty something model who is post ex-husband Guy Ritchie post ….Rodriquez whatever his name. It is a large spread, nearly 10 pages and W has wide sheets-plentiful but tired.

Its typical, what we would expect from her. Expect from her circa 1990. High fashion, black lace, crucifix’s juxtaposed with sexy poses and scantily dressed young men. Hasn’t she done this before? Justify my love, Like a prayer. Didn’t she work through the angsty catholic lust years ago?

What we also expect from Madonna is for her to reinvent herself and entertain us with yet another version. Her music continues to be somewhat predictable highly produced studio dance music and yet she does it again, with albums that will make you want to don your tights and hit the dance floor. While her neon fashion on the cover of Confessions on a dance floor, the last album almost bordered on purple tacky, it didn’t . She was still quite sexy and motivating at 47.

Sure she is beautiful in W, at 51 as attractive and elegant as any magazine model, her curves hugging the dress as she lies on a dining room table. Apparently she decided to beat the tabloids by giving the public her current controversy,the post divorce relationship with a much younger man. While I do not judge relationships by age, I wonder where is the Madonna that always been able to give us another dose of her mojo, slightly evolved.



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