Erin Roan MacDonald

Marc Anthony Gives His Love

I don’t watch Television but I came across this clip of Marc Anthony admiring his beloved on the American Idol season finale. There was much buzz about it in the news because of a romantic moment between him and Jennifer Lopez at the end of her dance. In front of the whole world on American Television, Marc intimately mouths to Jennifer that “she was on fire.”

It is so f-ing hot and dreamy. I am being whimsical but I don’t care, indulge me. This is the passion and the adoration that we all gush for.Yum! Additionally the musical and dance performance is stellar. The other dancers and their feathers, the choreography and the timbales are also hot. I am glad to see Latin music hit mainstream.The headline that drew me to the clip said that Anthony paled in comparison to Lopez, but I thought his voice was on fire. He is an excellent cantante in the Puerto Rican musical tradition and in Aguanile makes words last longer than most of can lipsynch.

Sheila E sits in on this American Idol session, although I doubt very few people watching the program remember who she is.  And yes, Jennifer, a true performer that she is, is smokin’ and lights up the stage with her beauty and her shaking body.

But, the best part–to me is their finale-in the this clip at 4:00 minutes in.


Apparently this all meant nothing, as they are getting a divorce. Even the sexiest, wealthy and famous can’t get it together to hold a relationship together. It’s sad.


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