Eating well on Poverty Budget Day Three

Overall doing okay so far, although in the afternoon I did start to notice that I am eating less than normal. Not that I felt that hungry, just a feeling of eating less. I predict an adjustment period.


English breakfast black tea

organic rolled oats (bulk, Rainbow grocery)

1/2 pear (leftover found in the fridge) cooked into the oatmeal


Eating a warm, just cooked breakfast can be so nourishing. I really enjoyed this breakfast, especially with the cooked pear and the tahini–it made the rather bland oats experience complete.

Total cost: .65¢


Another yellow split pea sandwich with romaine lettuce! A repeat but still satisfying especially with the olive oil on top.

See yesterday for the recipe:

Cost: $1.17


I am feeling a little wiped out and not excited about eating split peas again. It’s time for some tofu, plus the kale I found on the street last night and to use up the last of the organic tomatoes from my friends garden. Of which, I had to cut off a corner where a worm was crawling out of it–authentically organic!

It’s time for some brown rice. whole wheat bread will just not do for my primary grain source. I priced Food Co, Trader Joe’s and it looks like Rainbow is the cheapest for short grain brown rice at $1.00 per pound. Food Co had 32 oz for $1.98 so it’s about the same but Rainbow’s is bulk and grown in California. For variety I could purchase brown jasmine rice at TJ’s or organic millet at Rainbow for $1.16 per pound.

Whole grains are an excellent source of B vitamins and minerals especially magnesium. According to my nutritional almanac, I cup of brown rice will yield 64 mgs of calcium and 172 mgs of magnesium. A cal/mag ratio that some nutritionists argue is superior for bone building. Dairy foods are high in calcium but very low in magnesium–which you must have to build bone and so, it is a misnomer that milk is the key to healthy bones.

Tofu and Kale Stir Fry w/ Fish Sauce over Brown rice

1-2 tab grapeseed oil

ginger, garlic saute first then add:

tofu (non organic unfortunately, but fresh from Duc Loi, 18th & Mission for $1 per bag)



soy sauce

when kale is 3/4 tender, I added a few teaspoons of fish sauce.

When it comes to between soy sauce and fish sauce and economics, fish sauce is the other white meat. Fish sauce adds a lot of flavor and you can get it for about $2.19 for 24 ounces. I am surmising that it does have omega-3’s and possibly some calcium-as it is made with the entire fish. We have two bottles in our house and it says opposing things for calcium and protein. One says 4% calcium and the other 0.

At 1000, 4% would be 40 mgs.  but it’s made in Thailand so I am unsure what data they are going by. It is high in sodium but I don’t have any issues with hypertension or high blood pressure and don’t eat much meat so I am not concerned.

This yielded me about two servings and I threw in a little split peas for kicks.

Total dinner cost with free vegetables: .86¢.

Not including the  daily budget of .25¢ for seasonings oil, salt, soy sauce, spices.

Total cost today: $2.67! I am $1.08 under budget!


Nighttime snacks

My housemates made more citrus cocktails, had a few people over and they brought peanuts! I took advantage. I think I fear being hungry and eating enough “good stuff” although, at this rate I will not lose any weight. My main goal is to assemble this nutrition information for the world but yeah I wouldn’t mind the weight loss benefits.

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