Eating well on Poverty Budget Day Two


English breakfast tea-one tea bag this time. More punch then green tea, I must admit. Trader Joes, box of 48 $1.99

2 hard-boiled eggs

2 pieces ww bread toast w/ butter & nutritional yeast


Post workout drink

I did a hard Zumba class (dance workout) and I want to keep my energy up. Normally I would go for a snack, a heavier meal or a protein smoothie but for this time I will choose miso, fermented soybean paste.

The naturally saltiness will replenish what I have sweated out. The lemon will be refreshing, give me a little bit of vitamins and this is also a alkalizing beverage. Our bodies need natural balance of acid/alkaline and because so much of what most people consume is acidifying, maintaining a more alkaline diet contributes to less disease. Exercise is acidifying, stress is acidifying, tea, everything I ate for breakfast is acidic. For more on acid/alkaline diet:

miso in lukewarm water with squeezed lemon .18¢


Yellow Split Pea Sandwich–this is actually quite a tasty way to keep eating beans. Especially if you have some bread around. I am using reduced fat mayo and then throwing some olive oil back on the sandwich. But it’s good for me, local and organic. I already had it before the challenge but I think I can still afford to buy a little in the coming weeks.

Olive oil isn’t going to give me my essential Omega-3’s but has been shown to protect against cardiovascular disease and reduce the production of cholesterol. Olive oil is largely a monounsaturated oil–and therefore acceptable for frying but cooking negates the essential fat Omega-6 which olive oil has some of.  Best to throw it on your salad uncooked and if you must saute or fry use an oil that can handle high temperatures better like, grapeseed or high oleic safflower.

Note the oil must be virgin, unrefined, green oil with flavor. The cheap, clear stuff has been refined and heated rendering the oil unstable and toxic. Don’t buy it. One of my references for the faq on fat: Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill by Udo Erasmus.

2 pieces of ww bread toast .24

TJ’s reduced fat mayonnaise .05

romaine lettuce .76

leftover split peas .33

organic olive oil bulk from Rainbow Grocery .17


Also some leftover hummus from before…$1?

Total $2.60 this over budget but I had the leftover $ from yesterday


Freebie from Trader Joes: a little chocolate bar


Okay I cannot do the same thing as lunch (already) so I race to the store for some cheap white pasta. Not the most nutritional but I am not sure yet if I can afford whole wheat pasta.

white pasta .45

small amount of split peas .10

parmesan (leftover from before challenge) .05

olive oil .17

Total dinner cost .65¢

Nighttime Treats:

My housemates were experimenting with punch recipes for their wedding and made a fresh squeezed citrus concoction. It wasn’t very alcoholic so I got a nice shot of some fresh fruit.

Performed at a club with the Bay Area Flash Mob–another thing I do. It was the 6 year birthday of the club night and so there was some free cake.

One more piece of bread with tahini. I don’t mean for this to turn into the bread diet but I need my carbs…..20¢

On my way home from the club I saw a bunch of kale on the sidewalk by Rainbow Grocery. Normally I probably would have passed it by, after all we have rats and people who shit on the street here in the city. But on this budget, hell ya I am picking it up, washing it thoroughly and cooking it tomorrow!

Total food cost today: $4.35 (had a surplus yesterday so it’s all good)

3 thoughts on “Eating well on Poverty Budget Day Two

  1. I love the Kale on the sidewalk! Yeah! I thought you might be interested in my income for the first four years living in San Francisco (according to my Social Security statement). 1991–$8,774. 1992–$9,382. 1993–$6,964. 1994–$6,808. 1995 was an all time low of $3,787 but I was in Tennessee for some of the year. After that it went into the teens! Keep on rockin’.

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