Eating well on a Poverty Budget, Day Four: Grocery Goodness

Last night I went to Duc Loi at 18th & Mission and was opened to the world of inexpensive produce–the world of commercial and non-organic. Green cabbage was .39¢/pound.

This yellow melon was one dollar! At roughly 10 servings, that’s .10¢ per serving!

I had spoken to my father earlier in the evening who suggested finding salmon heads, which was great because I had forgotten that you can get trim and heads for very cheap at certain markets. Lo and behold, I walked into Duc Loi and there were two bags of salmon parts left. I thought it was heads but it was actually trim and parts with meat on them for $1.29/pound! I will probably make some noodle soup and save some broth for stock in the fridge. Berkeley Bowl regularly has salmon heads/trim in the morning and I’ll have to explore where else to purchase in San Francisco.

My omega-3 plan oily fish 1X per week, 1-2 servings of sardines per week and ground flax seeds in the am will be pretty good for this tight of a budget.

I don’t know if you can tell that is a generous serving of dinner. Not starving here–just having to eat split peas for the fourth day in a row!

Brown rice with yellow split peas, romaine lettuce and sauce of: reduced fat mayo, splash of fish sauce, sou sauce and nutritional yeast. And a little bit of the salmon on top from the stock.

Total meal cost today: $3.59  Under budget again!

End of day four groceries spent: $19.13 

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