Eating well on a Poverty Budget, Day 6

Small Success and Minor Fails

I have added ground flax seeds for Omega-3’s to my diet. They must be ground and uncooked to get the benefits–all those cereals with whole flax seeds added are questionable as to whether you are getting any flax oil out of those seeds or they are just passing through.
Also if they have been baked in, the cooking destroys the Omega’3. You may get some fiber though.

Melon with flax seeds

You can buy the seeds in bulk and grind them right before eating in a separate coffee grinder then the one you use for coffee. I tablespoon of organic flax seeds costs .03¢. Flax seeds supply alpha-linolenic acid which then your body converts into the two essential Omega-3 acids EPA & DHA. Because of this conversion factor, which not everyone is able to do, I also want to include fish in my diet.

Ground Flax Seeds

Eating on a budget where you have to cook all your own food requires planning and being prepared. You can’t just go with the flow.  Today I was doing a fish oil demo at Rainbow Grocery and I didn’t plan lunch so I grabbed an asiago bagel and peanuts for $1.75.  Not the most nutritious but the bagel filled me up and I had more peanuts to snack on later.

Today I was saved by the kindness of strangers. If you worked at Rainbow, you would save money because they cook food, healthy food, for their workers everyday. An acquaintance who works there took pity on me and gave me a container of their veggie gumbo and a slice a bread. It was perfect because I went from the demo to a storytelling event and there was barely time to heat a meal much less cook something.

There was another demo happening during mine–Kind bars, and they gave me two of my preferred flavor: almond coconut! It’s a yummy treat and with pretty simple ingredients: almonds, dried coconuts, honey, Non GMO Glucose, puffed rice, chicory fiber and soy lecithin. My equivalent of a cookie.

Kind Bar

I also went out with some of the leftover cocktails my housemates have been making secretly disguised in a coffee cup. It’s good to live with others when you are poor. I also imbibed a little, (I hope my parents don’t read this one) which I never do (it was free) and hell0..don’t inhale things that are going to make you hungry when you are on such a tight budget. I don’t know if I was hungry because I am not eating my normal portion size or because of what I consumed that day.

Fritos $1.09

Anyways if you do find yourself out and need a reasonably “healthy” snack from the convenience store, with just corn, oil, and salt,  Fritos are the way to go. No hydrogenated oils or mysterious preservatives added. And they are gluten-free! Thanks to my brother for this tip.

Total cost today: $3.65

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