Eating on a Poverty Budget, Day 8: Meat Adventures

Since I was feeling a little run down, I thought perhaps it was time to get some animal protein. I decided that since according to the package, poultry is not allowed by law to have to hormones or antibiotics added to it, I would buy commercial non-organic meat. In this case, very packaged from a food conglomerate at Food Co. for $3.48 for 20 ounces.

As some of my readers know, I was raised vegetarian and am not the most knowledgeable when it comes to cooking or preparing meat. I can do alright with breast or thighs but this was maybe the second time I’ve bought ground meat. When I worked at Berkeley Bowl, I’d buy the frozen organic turkey burgers already made, which is silly because of the cost but frankly after this adventure, they taste a lot better.

I don’t know if the taste had to do with the quality of the meat or the lack of recipe but they turned out so-so. I added: one egg, garlic granules, black pepper and some chopped onions to the ground turkey. For one, I know that my onions were chopped too big and so the patties didn’t stay together very well. I also didn’t digest the burgers very well. I still have some turkey left which I am planning to make something with, perhaps chili or some kind of a bake.

I put my Mom’s homemade mustard on them which was okay, I really like ketchup on burgers. Food Co. had some for .98¢ a bottle but it had high fructose corn syrup so I am not going to do it. I bet though if I had to eat on this budget all the time at certain point I would say f–it and eat HFS. Although one could make their own with honey or agave.

I am going to have to scout around for more inexpensive fish and decide whether to buy commercial poultry again, this time in the form drumsticks or thighs.

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