2 thoughts on “Eating on a Poverty Budget, Day 9: Shopping

  1. Good job. Nice video blog. I like trader joe’s for a lot of things except produce because they wrap everything in plastic. I like that so many places carry organic dairy products now. Even Safeway has their own brand of organic milk. I wish more of it was local though.There is a number on every milk container that is coded to tell you what dairy it came from. At the very least don’t buy milk that comes from out of state. California has more milk producers than anywhere else. Go to this site to find out where your milk comes from:

    1. There is a downside to Trader Joe’s when it comes to packaging for sure. On this budget I don’t think I can be concerned with eating local. If I can I will, but I think some of the produce I’ve gotten at Food Co is from Texas.

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