Eating on a Poverty Budget, Pseudo Kim-Chi

I made some pseudo Kim Chi or rather fermented cabbage. It’s not really a true Kim Chi because it is not made with Chinese or napa cabbage but rather regular green cabbage.

I found green cabbage at Duc Lui for .39 per pound so that trumps my buying any other kind of cabbage. It’s not sauerkraut either because it has ginger and spice added.  My intention was to introduce (cheaply) natural beneficial bacteria into my diet to add my digestion and immune system. You can use it as a topping on anything. I’ve been putting it on sandwiches or over top beans and rice.

I got the recipe from my Mom, who is a master fermenter and has been making naturally fermented pickle products for over 35 years. It is a propitiatory recipe and I am not sure if she would want me to give it away.  I will say– as I already mentioned, it has ginger, a pinch of heat and it is made by letting it sit out to start the natural fermentation process.

If you want to know how to make your own, maybe my Mom can come out and do a “cooking class” or there are books out on natural fermentation.

Spicy cabbage, several days fermenting

4 thoughts on “Eating on a Poverty Budget, Pseudo Kim-Chi

  1. I was listening to a survival podcast about lacto-fermented food. I’ve been doing home canning and have a root cellar, but I’ve never tried this. Is it very hard? I have 4 sort of leafy cabbages in my garden, they not tight little balls like store bought, but I guess they’d work too, right?

    1. Prepster, it is not that hard but there are few things to work out. Like for example, I need to use a shredder next time to get more juice out of the cabbage.Try that book I linked in the post. Could you point me to the podcast you mentioned?

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