Eating on a Poverty Budget, Grocery $$ week 2

Since I haven’t been posting my diet everyday, I thought I’d compile another list of groceries bought for the second week. I admit, I bought a bag of potato chips this week. I figure even when you’re trying to eat well you got to have a little junk food. I was craving salt and felt entitled after exercising in the hot weather we were having.

I also had coffee which I found out cost .90¢ for one cup of organic fair trade coffee without anything in it. That was buying Equal Exchange on sale, not even one of the better varieties of organic coffee available.

SemiFreddi’s bread

mustard greens .78 per bunch Foods Co.


green onions

ground turkey 3.48, 20 oz.

green bell pepper

pinto beans


organic yogurt Trader Joes

1# bag of sunflower seeds

sprouted grain bread

1# whole wheat fusili

1# rolled oats

2 organic bananas, ready to eat: Duc Loi .50

sweet potatoes


oranges, 2 for .51 Mi Ranhcito .54

coconut milk

potato chips, cheapest and full of crappy oil 1.67 Foods Co.

roll white flour and not so nutritious, .34

can of tuna


dozen eggs

coffee, one serving .92 at 9.15 per pound

Over spent this week but I have so many beans and eggs to use next week so I am going to forward some of what I spent  into next week.

Total spent: $33.45 minus beans and eggs for next week: $28.58. (Goal $26.25)

Over budget. But, I also have leftover pasta, oats, popcorn and only used some of the sunflower seeds so maybe we can say about even, maybe? This is an experiment not a race.

Overall I am eating less food than normal but as long as I get enough sleep and don’t drink alcohol, it feels fine. I would like to do some nutritional tallies–like on where you can log nutrition, calories, fat and so on but it does require some time. If you make recipes from scratch you have to enter each item by hand so yeah, time-consuming.

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