Eating cheap is the new Black (dress)

It’s on everyone’s minds. The economy, under-employment, the rising cost of food.

Well known food writer Mark Bittman, wrote a worthy piece in the New York Times a few days ago, clarifying what I have confirmed while doing my challenge and have always known, junk food is not cheaper. You just need to buy un-packaged food and cook at home. It will also be cheaper in the long run because you will suffer less disease and health problems.

“The alternative to soda is water and the alternative to junk food is not trendy grass-fed beef and greens from a farmers market but anything other than junk food…”

“The fact is people can afford to buy real food.”

Yahoo published today, “How to eat for $7 a day.”  By an aspiring New York comedian, named Zack  and here they are his top 10 tips:

Buy in Bulk

Stockpile supplies

Compare prices

Cook big

Plan ahead

Shop discount

Build your meals around rice, noodles, and other grains

Make use of leftovers, and your freezer

Bake “fried” chicken

Avoid prepackaged items

Go meatless

 Stop wasting

Get inspired 

Read more here. 

I would like to add: Understand nutrition and health. Romaine is better for you then iceberg lettuce. Kale is going to give your more nutrition then salad. Adding things like flax seeds and avocados will give you essential fat and give you energy. Go for whole grains over enriched white. Make the most of your nutrition dollar.

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