Eating on a Poverty Budget, Cabbage Salad w/ Tortillas

A quick trip to the grocery store (Foods Co.) and I find:

1 cabbage .90

1 bunch radishes .33

2 avocados 1.96

2 limes .32

2 Bartlett pear .68

green onions .33

1 bulb garlic, didn’t get the one from China but the other hopefully more local. .49

few carrots .55

None organic, but ce la vie.

In a hurry I made a quick salad which I ate on corn tortillas. I would have liked to eat this over pinto beans but they were soaking. Gotta plan ahead on a budget.

I also made a mayo dressing with reduced fat mayo from TJ’s, agave syrup, lime, salt and olive oil.

Quick Salad on Corn Tortillas

I had to search a bit to find corn tortillas without dextrose, but I did!  The brand is Guerrero. A better choice for anyone challenged by diabetes, blood sugar issues, alcoholism, fatigue and so on, will want to avoid this factory made sweetener. More about food additives to avoid.

The address of Tortillas Guerrero is Texas, I’d be interested in finding a closer tortilla company making, “tortillas tradicionales” but these were $3.68 for 80.

Corn Tortillas, No Dextrose

2 thoughts on “Eating on a Poverty Budget, Cabbage Salad w/ Tortillas

  1. I’m sure you can find local tortillas without bad stuff–even at For 4 Less–at least that used to be available.

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