Erin Roan MacDonald

OccupyOakland vs Protest at W Hotel

I am deeply saddened to be living a small throw from the tear gas madness that enshrouded upon people in Oakland last night demonstrating for a better, fair just world.

Coincidentally yesterday President Obama was here, and heck maybe he was still here sleeping while honorary civilians were getting gassed on the streets of the Oakland.

What I am left with this morning, is, why Oakland PD? When other cities continue to allow peaceful protests, why the tear gas? Why the rubber bullets? Really now, is this war?

Van Jones tweeted from a witness at OccupyOakland about rubber bullets at children:

Van Jones

@VanJones68Van Jones
Witness: “I take it personally when people whose salary I pay start firing rubber bullets at my head when I’m walking little girl AWAY.”
It started when Oakland PD took down the encampment at five am Wednesday 10/26, where Democracy Now Amy Goodman reports in this video: that a gas was released, signs were ripped down and people arrested.

Some people have commented that the brown Occupy Movement was taken down first.

Yesterday while biking home on Howard St. I ended up at a protest outside the W hotel where Obama was holding a luncheon at a reported $5000 a plate. It was largely about the Keystone Pipeline, a project unbeknownst to me. A pipeline that would run from the tar sands to Alberta, Canada to Texas for refinement. There were other people protesting other things: a few occupy signs, medical marijuana issues and a few other things.  But mostly it was organized by Creedo action network about the pipeline. The president’s motorcade was never sighted.

The thing that is galling me this morning: a protest which was “organized”, i.e. people stayed on the sidewalk and about some pipeline that I have never heard of was tolerated by San Francisco’s police department. But last night, when people’s voices in Oakland became stronger and unfailing, it was not.

Not to say that this pipeline is not a very important issue and likely built for the back pockets of the 1% but when people are willing to stick their necks out to address the inequity of  economic need, like livelihood, jobs, and homes for the masses in the United States of America they get seriously injured by Oakland PD.

I did not see anything like this at the “Creedo” organized protest at the W hotel yesterday in San Francisco.
Yesterday at the W hotel, it was a tidy protest, without numbers I am not going to say for sure –but my feeling is that it was a different demographic.

Oakland PD claim to have had bottles thrown at them. Where and when? And if so, is tear gas the solution?

People were tear gassed in upwards of four times last night.

Watch here on KTVU where protesters rush in to help a woman who had fallen to the ground, only to get gassed.

Mayor Quan (of Oakland) has surely lost faith by Bay Area people and people are discussing her impeachment or resignation.

More here on

This is a good one also on Oakland local, if you want more review what happened last night. Fuck mainstream media. Twitter, local sites, blogs and word of mouth through Facebook are the way to go on this stuff.


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