Erin Roan MacDonald

Thinking about Kidney Chi/Adrenals

I realized the other day that I am feeling a little more drained then I should be feeling and was reminded that my propensity to want to have a lot of the coffee and only a small amount of food in the morning is hard on my adrenals. As someone who has studied holistic health and then some, duh, I know this. But somehow the obvious things need to be reminded to us over and over again.

A number of things that I like to do: stay up late, the coffee, worry (well, who likes to do that? ) are draining to my overall reservoir of chi and adrenal energy. If I showed my Mom this post, she’d be like why don’t you just give up the coffee? Give up coffee?

I also have been less active in my partially employed state and I wonder if the body is like a car battery. Let it sit and it looses energy. Also the transition from summer to winter can be stressful for the body to adjust.

Time to do something about it. Try to just drink the large cup of coffee and not the large plus overflow. I made sure to eat a substantial breakfast this morning. Made an appointment to see my acupuncturist for a boost. I was feeling cold and on my period, which is a time that can be energy draining for women so I wrapped my Pashmina wool large shawl around my lower back and hips. I did not do this just to stay warm but to seal in my kidney energy. From an energetic or Chinese Medicine view of the body, the kidney’s retain the energy for the body. They also understand this concept in Japan where wrapping the hara (energy center of the abdomen, including the kidney/adrenal area) has infiltrated fashion.

I added Maca powder this morning to my oatmeal. Maca is a tuber (similar to a turnip) from South America that it used to revitalize people suffering from low energy, depression, male sexual potency and hormonal balance for women. It has a nutty slightly sweet flavor that can be added to a smoothie or foods like oatmeal or cereal. While I think it tastes pretty good, I added it to the last few bites so it didn’t affect the taste of the whole bowl.


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