Erin Roan MacDonald

Organic vs. Conventional



Updated and axed: This chart came to me via a social sharing but as pointed out to me by my father after I posted it and it’s origin is suspect and the Firman Bear study has been consistently used to illustrate the benefit of organic whereas it was not the intention nor the conclusion of the study. See more on my next post.

I mostly eat organic to avoid exposure to pesticides, hormones and chemical fertilizers but also organic farmers maintain the soil through crop rotation, fixing nitrogen and other soil enhancements that increase nutritional benefit.

Thomas Jefferson wrote in 1793, of weak soils at the Monticello estate, Virginia: “We will this winter try to cover our garden with a heavy coating of manure. When earth is rich it bids defiance to droughts, yields in abundance, and of the best quality”


2 replies to “Organic vs. Conventional

  1. Those findings about the mineral content of organic vs. conventional are pretty phenomenal. Have there been other studies?

    1. This graph I posted in haste. See the update and next post. Yes, of course organic is good for us and the more you build the soil the better. But it also has to do with the foundation of the soil you have to begin with.

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