Erin Roan MacDonald

Social Media More Then Just Modern Fluff

Unless you stayed off the internet and didn’t talk to anyone all of last week, you heard about the Stop Kony 2012 video. The dialogue, reaction and impact is still unfolding but no one can doubt the record-breaking views of 79 million, as of today: March 15, 2012, one week after being posted–as the power of social media and proof of it being the all-powerful realm we now live in.

I took a workshop last week, “Social Media for Social Justice” with Deanna Zandt, a social media tech consultant who wrote, “How you will change the world with Social Networking” .

It opened me up to a deeper appreciation of social media as being more than post-modern tech and that sometimes addictive trend. Social media is about relationships and building community. Deanna expanded the potential of what I had already experienced, connecting with writers and comrades online. You have the potential to reach millions via social media and at the same time interact directly with your biggest supporters, fans and fellow crusaders nearly immediately.

Today, I was able to communicate with a well-known activist and minor celeb about a recent public interview through Twitter. I suggested a concept to her and she replied. It was only a smile in return, but it was the beginning of my forging a potential relationship with an influential person.

Deanna started a Tumblr, Planned Parenthood Saved Me,  in response to the Komen/Planned Parenthood funding pull–in 72 hours it had accumulated 260 story submissions, 1000 Tumblr followers, 28,000 hits and Deanna ended up talking to the Rachel Maddow show, among other news programs. Read more about that campaign here.

People are motivated by their emotions and personal stories and that’s what the Tumblr is devoted to, a chance for women to express how Planned Parenthood saved or changed their lives. As you may know Susan J. Komen foundation reinstated funding just four days after the original announcement.


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