Erin Roan MacDonald

How to get more likes on Facebook – The Oatmeal

Don’t take social media too seriously and be authentic. Like is says at the end of this great montage on the Oatmeal:

“Instead, create great things that hilarious, sad, beautiful, interesting,  inspiring, or SIMPLY AWESOME.”

Make good content. That is the Google algorithm simplified.

As we said back in Field of Dreams times, updated for post social-media apoco-zuckerberg: “If you build it, they will like you.” It get’s tricky because the way it works is you want more people interacting with your brand consistently, so it goes into other people’s feed, hence getting more “reach”.  This fervor is around us all the time.

I was at 24 hr fitness today, running to the bathroom in the middle of a Zumba class and my mind is bombarded with signs about playing some kind of tag game on Facebook. Companies want us talking about them in social media but the best they can do is give us good product.

The Oatmeal did such a great job on this, I had to share.



How to get more likes on Facebook – The Oatmeal.


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