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Three-Year-Old Boy Who Can’t Eat Anything–Get Him To A Naturopath!

This article came to my attention some time ago and I wanted to address it for several reasons. One — so more people understand there are different ways to heal the body besides regular allopathic medicine and two — so maybe it might get to the parents and make a difference.

I am not a doctor but I have studied alternative medicine, diet and nutrition extensively. Maybe this is a stretch and beyond my understanding, as I said, I’m not a doctor but unless they see a practitioner trained in a deeper understanding of the body and the potential of food and plants as medicine something will be left out.

 Three-Year-Old Boy Who Can’t Eat Anything Is Running Out of Time | ABC News – Yahoo!

The poor kid can’t digest anything. His intestines are inflamed, his immune system is in hypersensitivity mode. His parents lament that he can not taste real juice or real milk. But he may never be able to digest “real” milk–many people are lactose intolerant and with the commercial meat industry and hormones like RBGH, he is better off. Additionally for someone with sensitive digestion, juice may be too cold or too acid. 

He is surviving on a formula made for kids with an allergy to milk and soy. It is good there is something that something that is keeping him alive but it’s hardly food, at age 3 he should be eating solid food. A quick glance at Neocate Junior reveals it’s 44% corn syrup solids! He is surviving on sugar ( and added vitamins). 

It’s not terribly surprising that he is allergic to milk and soy. It’s not uncommon. But of course this child has something more serious than a simple allergy. 

He needs to build his digestive ability through the introduction of food enzymes, probiotics and supplements that can address the inflammation in his gut and likely in his whole body. Most medical doctors don’t know how to do this. 

Here are few supplements and remedies that come to mind for healing the intestines and digestive issues:

Kudzu powder (get the white powder in a health store) is an amazing remedy for digestive upset. Add a little soy sauce and fresh ginger, pow! It has a way of strengthening the digestion as well. It’s mild and it can be taken everyday.

  • This recipe includes ume–a pickled plum that is alkalizing, anti-bacterial and the sour flavor stimulates the liver. If a child objects to the flavor, use a very small amount.

Glutamine could be helpful, an amino acid commonly used by people with chronic diseases like HIV/Aids, Chrones disease and people with allergies.

A Good Probiotic–particular strains that relate to bowel diseases. A good naturopath will know about this. There are many on the market now and ones specific to bowel disease.

A common healing meal that is served in macrobiotics, the dietary system I was raised in is: rice kayu, congee in Chinese or rather rice porridge, cooked really well. I don’t know is this boy could digest it but generally it is served to the young, the elderly, someone with weak digestion or anyone desiring a very simple sustaining meal. Essentially it is brown rice and water and cooked for several hours. The proportion of rice and water can be adjusted depending on how thick you want the rice porridge to be. It also could be later made creamy for those not able to chew as well by using a blender. Foods and remedies such as ginger and herbs (as appropriate) can be added to the porridge for additional benefit. 

Wishing everyone and this boy, good health.


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