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My Little Food Revolution

It’s a little funny that my next health post involves chia seed because my previous post indicated that chia may not give us the healthy fats we are looking for. So it goes. It has been said that health and happiness is direction and not a destination. New research and knowledge is made available all the time. It is our job as consumers, as humans on this planet called Earth to sort through what makes sense for our bodies.

I started an Instagram account (finally). I was resistant to give another corporation my photos but alas if I want to make my mark as someone who knows something about social media–I must get on board. I searched on Instagram for like-minded people to follow and I found a fitness instructor based out of Portland that inspired me.

Even though I talk about nutrition and dietary supplements as a job and lived this path my entire life, I can get unconscious about what I eat. Food is needed nourishment at the end of the day, a refuge and easy comfort. The downside to this as most of us know it can lead to overeating, the overeating of foods like quick carbohydrates that lead to weight gain and an overall mindlessness about how much of the good stuff we are getting in our diets.

Becka G Fitness Instagram inspired me to get on track. She showed results of people in her program as well as the awesome food choices she was making for her family. Seeing people pushing their fitness levels was the realization that I could do that too.

Becka Instagramed a picture of a cookbook she had purchased: Thrive by Brendan Brazier. I was no stranger to Brendan–a world champion vegan ultra-triathlete. I have one of the early copies of Thrive and have enjoyed the plant-based protein shake he created called Vega. So when I was in line at Whole Foods and saw his new magazine also called Thrive I bought it. A little inspiration for my perspiration. The issue is loaded with interviews with vegan and vegetarian professional athletes talking about how they thrive on a plant-based regime, exercise tips, recipes and much more.


What happens next is even more awesome. My housemate peeked at the magazine while I had on the kitchen table and was instantly inspired by this recipe:




He was looking for a healthy snack that he could keep at his office. The next day he bought 8 ounce jars, bags of chia seed, almond milk and coconut milk and went to town. He has given up his morning and his afternoon coffee, candy bars and is surprised about the sustaining energy of the chia seed puddings. No more sugar crashes. For simplicities sake he paired down the recipe to just chia seed and coconut/almond milk and left out the fruit and added sweetener.

But it doesn’t stop there.


All the people in his office want to know whats up with the little jars of seeds and want to try his chia seed snack. They want him to bring the magazine to the office to see the recipe. I think that’s pretty cool.

Even if we are only converting a small amount of chia into Omega-3*…there still must be something to this super food. Consumed by the indigenous people of Mexico and Central America for energy and stamina–it also shows promising results for balancing cholesterol. Combined with a nut milk it makes a nice little pudding. You might enjoy it too.

* studies show that we convert plant-based Omega-3Β alpha-linolenic acid into Omega-3 EPA/DHA anywhere from >1% to 6%.



One reply to “My Little Food Revolution

  1. Ah! I love this! Chia seeds are pretty great little suckers. I also just put them in a pint of water with lime juice and a couple drops of liquid stevia. Delish! Great post, thank you for the shout out lady. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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