SF Mime Troupe “Ripple Effect”

Seeing the San Francisco Mime Troupe every year is almost a pilgrimage for me.

Fortunately I was able to see this years production in their final show of the season at Dolores Park on Labor Day. As it got closer to attending and I was by myself, I realized I was completely okay with it. It’s my time to soak up ideas about revolution, problems with capitalism and the struggle that most of us 99% have to deal with in America. It’s my time to be inspired.

Bay Area 007

It was refreshing to see in the middle of all the gross changes in San Francisco that we could sit in Dolores Park, in the middle of it all (Mission District is one of most the rapidly changing and gentrifying neighborhoods) and make art about the sadness and struggle of the working class American. That we could address the very thing that was happening around us. And so this years production was on point with addressing displacement, evictions, encroaching technology and government surveillance. And as with many of the San Francisco Mime Troupe productions–the loss of dreams by visionaries and activists in the 1960’s 1970’s that wanted a better world.

They reminded us for those of whom might want to tack a back seat to politics or declare themselves as not political:

“There is no such thing as not political.” -Ripple Effect

While I was sitting there I couldn’t help but think about our world and feel like the problems with capitalism were insurmountable. This doesn’t change the system of capitalism but there are a few things that I thought of that can make a difference in the world that we live in.

“Everything has an impact. Revolution is not a threat, it’s a state of mind.” – Ripple Effect

1. How do you spend your time and how do you spend your money? The former ultimately ends up being what we do for work. Does your work represent your values or is it something you just do to survive? Do you save money or are you caught up in the cycle of spending? Where do you spend it? I think this is something we could all benefit from sitting down with and having a deep conversation with ourselves about regularly. There is an expression: your money or your life –and it expresses the reality that we become tied a cycle that controls our lives. It could be for our highest good or it good be for not.

2.  Support farmers. Go to farmers markets over or in addition to your local grocery store.  While some grocery stores are featuring local produce, the retailer is taking a cut. Shopping at a farmers market puts more money in the hands that feeds you, literally.  This is something we must preserve and at a local level. Grocery stores have food that is shipped from miles and miles away often from around the world. There is a cost to our environment and keeping us stuck in economic system that will help no one. The produce will be fresher too.

3. Even better. Grow your own food.

4.Support your local craft-person or artisan. Time for some new jewels? Don’t go to a chain store and get something made in China. Find the store in your area that features locally made jewelry and crafts. Sometimes they can be found at farmers markets or at special pre-Christmas sales. If you look around, your likely to find something that you can afford.

5. Move your money to a local bank or a credit union. This can be tough. When I have looked, it was hard to figure out how banking was going to work logistically. But if you can, do it and you’ll feel better that you are not supporting a ginormous corporate bank.

6. Don’t use credit cards. Your just hurting yourself and making corporations very rich. Unfortunately this can affect your credit score that qualifies you to rent a home which is unjust. By not participating in obtaining debt and paying it back you will have a low credit score which can count against you in renting. One way around this is to save a lot of money and offer to pay a number of months of rent upfront or flash the landlord a copy of your bank balance.

7. Vote. Vote. VOTE! I know, the system is broken but if we don’t exercise our voice in this way we might as well just give up and accept a mediocre existence.

8. If you work for a large company or corporation it may be tough to change it from the inside depending on your position. But here’s few things you can advocate for that won’t rock the boat.

–Being green in the workplace. Are they really being green or is there a green washing going on? Often there can be a cost involved but ultimately going green could end up being cheaper for the company in the long run.

–What is the policy for maternity leave? Does the company support breastfeeding in the workplace for nursing moms? How could it be better? What does this have to do with capitalism? Well, I am glad you asked? Supporting mothers in the work force supports equality for everyone. If we take care of the Mama’s then everyone’s happy.

9. Also shop coop. Network of Bay Area Worker Cooperatives.

This is just barely skimming the surface and doesn’t address changing things at structural level.  There is a lot more to talk about including the encroachment of technology as a capitalist product in our lives and the fight for housing rights in the Bay Area, which this years season of San Francisco Mime Troupe so importantly touched on.

How have in your life found that you can live more with less?

What ways have you chosen to live your life in or around a capitalist system?

I'd love to hear your thoughts...

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