Erin Roan MacDonald

‘Intro del Mayimbe’ (Timba)

I discovered this song the other night at the Allegro Ballroom. I think I have heard it before but I figured out who it was this time. Mayimbe, a Timba band led by Cuban pianist Barbaro Fines now living in Peru. They released their first album in 2011 and premiered their first US concert in San Francisco in 2013, at Cafe Cocomo! Duh, where was I?

Formerly a Salsa fanatic, my interest in going out to dance waxes and wanes and so I missed that concert. Now loving this beautifully executed Timba creation, I cringe knowing I was maybe just a few blocks away from this show and had no idea.

The Allegro Ballroom was nice. I had never been. It was Sunday and I had not gone out on Friday or Saturday and felt like going out. Not much to do on a Sunday night in the East Bay but I remembered the Allegro had Salsa. At Allegro, it’s less club and more dancing. No alcohol, it seemed like not a pick up joint and dancing in three rooms: Salsa, Bachata, Rueda and Kizomba all danced throughout the course of the night for $8 at the door.

I met a dance partner who I danced with to Intro del Mayimbe. I kept saying to him, ” this is such a great song. ” Built for dancing on clave, on the four, two, whatever– dragging the beat with your body and then punching it up with that phenomenal Cuban Timba piano that only Timba can.

Or was Casino (Cuban Salsa) built for it? Doesn’t matter. I was grateful to dance and flow to this song. My partner was a beginner/intermediate to Cuban Salsa but could hold the beat and lead good. I tried not to show off and go crazy but the music was making me move.

He said it was Mayimbe but I couldn’t remember the exact word or spelling. I went home and I Googled/YouTubed until I figured out who it was.

I have listened to Intro Del Mayimbe by Babaro Fines y su Mayimbe about 50 times since.

If you love this music you will know what I am talking about.


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