30 days of Lemon Water for Beauty and Health

Lemon water for your skin

016-Why Lemon Water?

It’s alkaline. The body thrives in a slightly alkaline state–yet just about everything we eat and drink is acid. Stress and exercise can create acidity. Lemon water is one thing you can do to counteract an over acidic state. Even though lemon juice is acid when consumed it creates alkalinity.

It’s a boon for the liver–it can help the body detox and lead to weight loss.

It’s also said to help mood and be anti-aging as it removes toxins.

I’ve just completed 30 days of lemon water first thing in the morning and my skin looks great! I use fresh squeezed juice of half an organic lemon into approximately 8 ounces of water.

I have to admit that I started doing this partially out of vanity. That may sound superficial but I admit it–I want to look healthy and radiant. In the last 6 months I have felt that I needed some kind of physical change and this feels good.

It feel a little funny admitting being concerned about looks as we are too image focused in this society. But I am happy in taking a more active approach to my health. One thing about the drinking lemon water every day is I am starting my day with a practice of something positive and that helps me maintain the commitment overall.

I’ve also started increasing my exercise too and I’ve noticed that after I do aerobic exercise I glow! I swear it releases a bunch of oils into my skin or neurotransmitters because I look different on the days I do aerobic dance.

I admit that I sometimes suck at drinking water. I forget to do it or just don’t have the urge. By drinking lemon water I am getting more water into my system.

I also have cut back on drinking coffee during this time. I still get my caffeine fix on with a cup of black tea or mate so this is why I do the lemon water first thing so I am ready to drink tea 30 minutes later. I feel the lemon water has contributed to my desire for less coffee.

I’ve been wanting to do a deeper juice cleanse or fast but it can be hard to do on a work schedule or just challenging in general so doing lemon water is a mild way to cleanse with not too much effort.

Lemons! So many things! Read more here. Let me know which ones you’ve tried or you’ve benefited from doing a lemon cleanse, share away!


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