Tomorrow (Amanhã) I go to Brazil

View of Rio de Janeiro by Night. View from Pao de Azucar.

Tomorrow I fly to Brazil and a desire 20 years in the making, will be no longer a someday.

For over 10 years I was a samba dancer. I discovered Brazilian dance in a performance one night in the early 90’s in my first year Santa Cruz, CA and I was enthralled. I started taking classes, eventually doing student recitals and performing with a Seattle dance troupe. I formed a close relationship with many things Brazilian, especially the music.

But that wasn’t entirely where my fascination with Brazil started. Before I found Samba Reggae, Samba de Roda and the dances of the Orixa there was Wild Orchid.

You remember that eighties movie with Mickey Rourke and Carre Otis? Yeah that one. It was set and filmed in Brazil. I know what you might be thinking: silly story, poor acting and while at the time we, the spawn of the Baby Boomers, speculated that Carre Otis and Mickey Rourke (an actual couple) were really having sex in the final love scene. Later that was replaced by the awareness that she was abused in the relationship so that pretty much cancelled any romantic feelings we might have had about how it all went down with the cameras rolling.


I still like that cheesy film and consider it formative. I’ve wanted to make my close friends watch it with me on my birthday. There’s not much of genuine Brazil in Wild Orchid but there are few scenes that helped propel an erotic sentiment for me about the country.

But it’s not too hard to have an erotic feeling about Brazil. We have Miss America and they have the National “Bunda” crown (Portuguese for ass). If you were a child of the Eighties then you also remember the Lambada and how it was also called the Forbidden dance. I’ve danced the Lambada, it’s just a partner dance where your legs are entwined.

I am nervous to travel to Brazil. I’ve watched YouTube videos about how to be safe while traveling there (leave your valuables at home) and have seen the violent film City of God. But since Brazil and I have something going already I know it will be okay.

I got my visa here in Lima, Peru (on the fly!) so that must be a sign.

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