Things that I love so far about Rio de Janeiro


1. My body type is well represented on the beach. Lots of women in bikinis with butts, rolls, tummies and dimples and not a care in the world.


2. Eating grilled shrimps on the beach. They bring ’em by on skewer for about a $1.75. Com limon? Sim, por favor.

3. Obtaining many things on the beach without leaving your chair: sarongs, nuts, piece of grilled cheese (they come by with a little cooker and grill it with oregano right there), capirinhas (Brazilian margarita), cerveja (beer), sunglasses, whistles, bikinis, Arabic food…I had really good Arabic pies today with cheese, a vegetable, chicken. The list goes on…

4. Even the hallway of my Airbnb is interesting — a neighbor was playing great samba music on a Tuesday afternoon and I could have just sat on the cool floor and listened…

5. Fresh juices any time of the day. My favorite so far: Abacaxi, hortela e gengibre. (pinneaple, mint and ginger)

6. Boyfriend and girlfriends openly French kissing. Something I’ve seen more then once. Yum!


7. People making offerings of white and yellow roses to the sea, no doubt to Yemanja, goddess of the sea. Feb 2nd is her special day.


8. Sliding a flip flop onto each elbow so you can walk the beach hands free.

9. All ages playing spontaneous beach futebol (soccer). Watched one game with a 5 year old and a 40 year old in it and everyone was having a good time.


10. Hearing a language all the time that I barely understand but even the man belting “agua” all day sounds like part of a song.


11. A huge city surrounded by dramatic mountains flush with the beach.


12. Carnival in Copacabana means you can stimaltaneously swim, play volleyball/soccer, beach, drink beer and dance to a live band while it moves down the street so very slowly.




9 thoughts on “Things that I love so far about Rio de Janeiro

  1. Wow, Erin… you finally made it to Brazil! As Celso would say, “Parabens!” “Otimo!”

    I’m so happy for you, and I’m thrilled to read your blog! Your insights are terrific.

    (Did you take Portuguese last semester? I went to one class last Fall, but haven’t made it to any since then, and so I’ve lost what progress I made last winter/spring. How are your conversational skills? I hope you will gain some fluency!)

    Looking forward to more blog posts!

    1. Brazil was superb but my Portuguese was really lacking since I hadn’t studied since last winter. I did some Duo Lingo but didn’t get far past the animais. That’s okay though, I’m going back many times!

      1. Are you back from Brazil now? I’m glad you enjoyed Brazil so very much.

        And are you ready to re-join the class? I went to one class last September and have never returned since, even though I paid for two sessions! If you were to go it would inspire me to go (and I could give you a ride!).

      2. What?!!! You’ve left the Bay Area entirely? Wow, I had no idea.

        I’m happy for you, but sad all the same.

        So I suppose you’re studying Spanish now? ¡Buena suerte en Colombia!

    1. Thanks for reading. I totally understand. I was there for a week and a half then went to Salvador for Carnival one week then back to Rio for another few days. So much yet to explore. Starting with learning Portuguese, I think that could really help go deeper. I look forward to studying it myself.

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