Signs of the Orixa in Salvador and Little Havana (Photos)

Ochun goddess of love

The Orixa are the gods, deities and elements of Candomblé, Santeria, Macumba and other religions all descending from the Yorba people of Nigeria. I got to see signs of the Orixa in both Brazil and in Miami (via Cuba) in Little Havana during my trip to South America this spring.

Orixa on the Lake in Salvador, Brazil
Orixa on Sarongs in the Pelerinho, Salvador Brazil
Yemaya Tile, Calle Ocho Miami
Ogun Tile, Calle Ocho Miami
Obatala Tile, Calle Ocho Miami
Babalu-aye Tile, Calle Ocho Miami
Ochun Tile, Calle Ocho, Miami

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