Bernie Sanders Rally in Oakland

Unidos Bernie Oakland rally


The scene was long: lines reaching around corners and long blocks. People waited hours and felt it was worthwhile not only to wait to hear Bernie Sanders speak but to show the numbers, irregardless of whether or not they got into Frank Ogawa Plaza.


Downtown Oakland streets were blocked off by Oakland police and the feeling was jovial even though this was politics and a serious matter.



Love this flag!




Security was a mixture of Oakland Police, Secret Service and TSA. We went through metal detectors. No metal water bottles were allowed which could have been a drag if you brought your Kleen Kanteen.

While I was waiting in line, I live tweeted and then streamed on my phone when the rally started via YouTube. After about  2 hours in line I got in. It was much better to hear him directly inside the plaza but unfortunately due to the crowd I never actually got to see Bernie Sanders. But I heard him.

He talked about people waiting for healthcare but needing services now, about African-Americans asking why did we go to Iraq when inner cities need development and services. He took us back in time when the idea of a $15 minimum wage was not imaginable and gay marriage in every state seemed impossible. Now those things are possible because people went to the front lines.


He addressed Latinos and undocumented workers who are being exploited and a part of our economy. Native Americans were a part of the conversation too.


I felt powerfully connected to the moment when he became almost spiritual in reminding us that we are part of nature and that we need to take care of nature or we will perish as a species.



Bernie talked about how important the California primary was because of the amount of delegates and he left us with this:

Let us go forward in a political revolution – Bernie Sanders

4 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Rally in Oakland

  1. Wow, Erin — what fantastic reportage! Your photos are spectacular. BRAVO!

    (Are you just back in Oakland for a visit? On your last blog post, you talked about leaving the Bay Area more or less forever. Or so I thought.)

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