Erin Roan MacDonald

Where is the World Headed? 

Something we talk about often at my parents home is the state of the world. For one thing my Dad likes to watch the network news, something I abhor but it is his house so what can I do?

So I have become privy to a lot of the bad that has happened this summer–the attacks in France, Orlando, how many people are dying by gunpoint each month in Chicago, let’s see… a Senior man’s wife was murdered somewhere by accident. Hundreds of things. I try to push it out of my brain because if I were to think about it I could easily become bewildered by the state of the world. Although it is hard not to especially with the last years attacks by ISIS..Trump..the hotttest summer on record..where are we headed?

Besides the news, my parents values in life are strong in regards to the way people live and the world as whole. As organic farmers and producers of health promoting food being aware of each persons personal eco-system and our eco-system as a whole is something that’s been a current through their lives and mine as well. We talk about quality of life now vs other times in history and how we have all this technology but maybe it’s not as good as it once was. Cancer is everywhere, Monsanto and GMO’s are affecting our seed for future generations and what the hell are they spraying in the skies (Chemtrails)?

I got to see the opening ceremony for the Olympics in Rio last night on cable–as someone who is enthralled by Brazil it was pretty cool. They tried to include a portion about climate change which was positive but the message was a vague planting seeds solution which is not enough. A Brazilian child held a plant that walked with each countries Olympic delagation. Perhaps it is a metaphor that each person could begin with a simple step. What steps did Brazil take to make to reduce climate change in hosting the Olympics? Did they use Alternative Energy at all? Brazil is a big user of GMO’s.

Social media often seems to deaden our social interaction. We stay in touch but it’s virtual. This morning I watched two videos about using social media for good–I’m almost convinced. Both stories are worth watching. I guess it comes down to what role  are you going to have in this crazy world? What will be your footprint? How can we personally make a difference?

This woman started a movement and foundation to get girls into school in Liberia. Apparently social media helped propel it all. Check out Katie Weyler and the story about the More than Me schools.

This story made me cry–a woman in Brazil befriended a homeless man who wrote poetry. She started posting his poems on Facebook and through that he was reunited with his family.

Photo taken by me in Rio de Janeiro this spring.


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