Fall: Slowing down and Recipe for Carrot Hot Dogs

fall season to slow down
Fall: The word for this season is slow.

It’s fall baby. The colors may have not changed yet but we’ve passed the equinox and it’s almost October. It’s time to slllloooowwww dooooowwwwn.  It’s getting dark earlier and the weather is finally changing from the summer heat. As much as we might want to keep up the pace of summer our bodies might not let us and it’s time to listen.

I’m feeling it. I’ve been on the east coast for several months now and wonder if I’m feeling the seasonal change more than when I lived in California. But the weather was so wacky hot this year it’s hard to know.

In the Chinese medicine tradition and others fall and winter is seen as restorative time so you can have plentiful energy again in spring. Literally if you don’t recoup this time if year you can burn out more than if you are overly active in the summer months.

Time to drag out the sweaters and turn on the oven.

Today I made baked vegan carrot hot dogs and my friend made banana bread. We are visiting New York City with an oven and flush with vegetables from my parents farm so rather than run around and try all the hip restaurants that would leave us broke we are cooking.

What are vegan carrot hot dogs you say? They are a recipe tip I got while selling my parents sauerkraut at the farmers market.

Vegan carrot hot dogs

Wash carrots and cut off undesired ends.

Season how you like, I used hot pepper sesame oil and salt.

Cover tray with tin foil to allow carrots to steam.

Bake your carrots whole and eat like a hot dog, I did 350 for about 45 mins.

Place on bread with mustard, ketchup, sauerkraut, relish whatever you like.

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