Bushwick NYC Street Art

L train tracks Brooklyn

I had a lovely time in Brooklyn this fall. Knowing I was going to be in Brooklyn, I had to get to Bushwick–its well-known for being a haven for street art. Most of these were taken around the L train track and Broadway in Bushwick. If your going to be in NYC, definitely go. It’s a not yet completely gentrified neighborhood which reminded me of Mission Street in San francisco. Pizza was more than 1/2 the price than in other more upscale parts of Brooklyn.

These two by Street Artist L7M

A real Tarot shop, not actually street art.

MJ and Steve Jobs by Uncuttart


Not actually street art per se but interesting, yes?

We love it, right? White Darth on Black.

Great use of the existing surroundings.



Mural dedicated to the problem of street harassment and objectification. Great use of public space in my opinion in the place where harassment occurs–in the street.

3 thoughts on “Bushwick NYC Street Art

  1. Wow, Erin — thanks for posting these superb examples of street art! I’m going to show them to my cousin Evelyn, who’s visiting from Alabama. Just yesterday she went to photograph several works that Banksy left behind in San Francisco, and two of them had been PAINTED OVER! So sad.

    I hope the ones you’ve recorded will be allowed to remain.

    1. That’s great your going to pass it on to your cousin. There is a lot of street art on my blog if that’s some they are into. Ask them to follow of they want. I don’t mind if street art gets painted over.. especially if it is wearing out. Even if it’s not, it might be time for a new expression. But if it were a really special piece or political then I don’t see why it should be painted over. More street art is coming on the blog from my trip to Brazil and Colombia. And more recent from Mexico. Saludos!

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