Natural Body Products that I Love

argan oil best for travel

When you are carrying everything on your back or packing everything into a small suitcase– everything you take with you matters.

Furthermore when it comes to body products you have the TSA to contend with. Every liquid product must be smaller than 3.4 ounces to take as a carry on. I don’t know about you but I don’t like checking my bag. It’s not just that it costs $25, it is because there is nothing better than grabbing your bag and stepping out onto the street of where you have just landed! After customs and immigration, of course.

I’ve narrowed down my beauty kit to simple and effective and these are some of the products I love.

It’s impossible to take enough shampoo and conditioner to last months of travel in a carry on and additionally buying natural beauty products free of chemicals in countries outside of the United States can be difficult so I came up with small concentrated items that would last me for months.

For shampoo and body soap both I use J.R.Liggett’s original shampoo and body bar. It’s made with natural oils such as olive, coconut and castor. It contains no detergents so it doesn’t strip your hair and you might not need conditioner afterwards.


I found a small zip pouch to carry the soap bar that is more compact then those travel plastic soap containers. It is made out of heavy-duty plastic, the kind that is used to make rice bags in Asia. I wasn’t sure if it would leak but it works great.

For hair conditioner, body and face moisturizer I use Acure organic Argan oils. I’m addicted to the stuff and I love it. When I came back from Brazil my Mom said my skin looked a special shade of gold. We wondered if it was the sun in Southern hemisphere or the Argan oil that made my skin look so great. Maybe some of both!


I like to buy Acure Argan oil. I’ve tried other brands but I go back to Acure. I trust their quality and how the oil feels on my skin.

For toothpaste I use Weleda Ratanhia toothpaste. I like it not only because it is high quality product free of sodium lauryl sulfate but because it is 2.5 ounces. It is bigger then most travel size toothpaste but still falls under the TSA restrictions. There are several other flavors: calendula, salt, and plant gel. Weleda uses organic and biodynamically farmed plants in their ingredients.

For deodorant I use essential oil. Not only is it much safer and you know that you are not putting junk into your armpit but it is concentrated and comes in very small bottles. Essential oils can mask odor and contain anti-bacterial compounds. One bottle lasts me months.

I hope you have some new ideas for finding the best natural body products for when you travel. And of course you can use these products any time–not just when you are traveling.

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