Guerilla Women Street Art Protest: Guanajuato, Mexico 

I took these pictures in October, 2016 in Guanajuato, Mexico during the festival of Cervantino. It wasn’t related to the festival but I felt it was important to document the voices of these women. #metoo is all over the world.

I asked a fellow traveler from Argentina to help me with the translation and she told me that there was two terrible rapes in which the women were also killed in Argentina last year. Terrible violent acts and one in which the perpetrator got off because he was a son of a Policeman.

In October there was a response and protest from women around South and Central America. She was in Oaxaca at the same time I was in Guanajuato and there also was street action there.

I hadn’t occurred to me it was a mass action–because as woman, we are always at risk.


I did not come from your rib, you came from my vagina.

Take your rosaries out of our uterus.

If priests gave birth, abortion would be legal.

The value of love is joy not pain.

No only punches hurt.

To be a woman is to not be in danger.

We want our lives.

If you touch one of us, we will respond to all.

The featured image above–the Virgin of Guadeloupe is from inside a church in Guanajuato. It seemed appropriate for the incredulous way in which in this world, women are revered and yet not at the same time.

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