Erin Blogs 2016 in Review

kids swimming in Paracas, Peru

2016 was a big year of change for me, for the world and for family and friends.

I say, bring it.

From my trip to Wynwood Walls, in Miami

You don’t get anywhere being stagnant. And that is becoming more and more the theme of this blog.

While I will continue to fill these pages with street art from around the world and practical information regarding health and travel, the place I have been landing more personally is that playing small will not get you anywhere.

In fact doing otherwise is sorely needed and judging from the election and the #nodapl fight at Standing Rock we will not be able to afford to be complacent in the future.

In 2016:

I left my job of four years of doing product demos for nutritional supplements. I am grateful for the work I had, the connections I made but it was time for something new.

Went to Peru, Brazil, Colombia and Miami and it was the best trip ever! It was a dream long in the making to visit Brazil and I learned that I am quite comfortable living out of a backpack and exploring foreign places, especially if it is hot outside and has the music I like.

That trip included going to Carnival in Salvador, Bahia Brazil. It was crazy and so fun!


Moved officially out of the San Francisco Bay Area. It will always feel like home but I’m glad to kiss the Bay Area Housing crisis goodbye.

I got to hear Bernie Sanders speak in Oakland in June.

I set up my life as a nomad so that I could easily return to either the West Coast or the East Coast of the United States. Here are some tips for doing so.

Helped my parents on their farm for four months. It was great to soak in all the great organic food, nature and spend time with my family.

Went to NYC with my best friend and enjoyed the life in Brooklyn while we transitioned from summer to fall and I transitioned to leave the country again.

Went to Mexico to study Spanish in both Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende. I’m not fluent but it is possible now that I understand most of the verb tenses.

I spent six weeks in San Miguel de Allende. I made new friends and I truly got to see how expats and long-term travelers creatively live abroad for many years.


I’ve presented to street art from Peru, Salvador, Cartagena, Miami, Brooklyn and San Miguel de Allende. Check out my Instagram @erin.blogs


I finished out the year in Tulum, Mexico by the beach volunteering at a hostel!


Follow your Bliss.

If you want to Travel, do it.

Fight for you justice and see the beauty in the world around you (La Calle).

Make a Radical Health effort.

If you have a good Memoir, tell it.

Join the journey–

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