Cartagena, Colombia: So Much History

Step into history and bustle on the edge of the Caribbean in Cartagena.

Little Alley Getsmani

Most visitors will visit the old city which has become a tourist hot spot. Backpackers and budget travelers will opt for lodging and food just outside the old city in the smaller section of town called Getsmani.

The old city has a wall around it that was built-in the 16th century by Spanish colonists to keep out invaders and pirates. Cartagena was a major port and the capital of the slave trade. In more recent history it was home to one of the world’s most loved Latin American authors, Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

There is a lot more to the history and story of Cartagena. Enjoy this photo journey.

These doorknobs bring a taste of the old and fancy. Many of the homes in the old city sell for over a million dollars and are vacation homes for the wealthy.

I live for photos like this one. I hate to intrude without permission on anyone’s person but I love capturing people living life. The man dressed in white is likely a Santero, a practitioner of Santeria, the African religion.

Former home of Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Cumbia dancers performing for tourists in the old city.


For more pictures from Cartagena and discussion on gentrification check out Street Art Tour: Cartagena.

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