Erin Roan MacDonald

Music Saves: Summer & Favorite Reggaeton Songs of 2017

Make no mistake, I adore Latin music, especially the kind made for dancing. I had to take a break from blogging but if there was one thing that didn’t drift away from me while I have been preoccupied was my feeling for great music.

I need to thank DJ Reinier at La Clave Seattle for amping up my summer Reggaeton playlist. I went to their night of Cuban dancing at Lake Chad cafe for my birthday and heard some new songs that I have had on repeat for weeks.

It’s now time for fall but with an ode to the hot summer that leaves us, here’s what I have been listening to:

Oh, Havana of my dreams. Sad that you and I never got to meet this year but at least I have, “Hasta Que Se Seque el Malecón by Jacob Forever”. The YouTube video gives us stunning views of Havana and the Malecon. Filmed before Hurricane Irma and but he is (now) appropriately singing about until the Malecon is dry.

Maluma, Sin Contrato is one year old but I just got into the Colombian Reggaeton singer this year. He is my second Colombian love after Colombian super star J Balvin. Sin Contrato is simply the hook-up song. Sure we can hangout as we wish without any kind of agreement. Porfa.

Recent tour pictures with Maluma in Europe show ladies throwing their panties on stage. If you look past the Tupac imitating forehead bandanna that he often wears I think you think understand why. I want to die and come back a model in his videos.

As of this week anyone who didn’t know who J Balvin is probably does now thanks to Beyoncé laying a few Spanish tracks on his summer hit, Mi Gente. I liked it before Beyoncé layered it up but proceeds from that song go to Hurricane and Earthquake Relief. Mi Gente is a good dance song–dance instructors have been killing it, choreographing to that song. Matt Steffania here and Baila Con Micho here.

Finally I leave you with Ni Tú Ni Yo by Jennifer Lopez featuring Gente D Zona. Jennifer really shines singing in Spanish and Gente D Zona adds funk with their deep Cuban voices. The video reminds you of movie star times gone by where JLo is being photographed in all sorts of Caribbean settings. She is truly a Diva.



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