Travel to Vancouver, British Columbia

enjoying sights and water in Vnacouver Canada

First thing I want to say is that if you live close to Vancouver or have an opportunity…go visit Vancouver, Canada!

It is beautiful and fun. It has that different, diverse, quasi-European/Asian big city, cosmopolitan feel.

Second thing I want to tell you is do not take your CBD over the border. 🤣🤣

Even though cannabis is legal in the state of Washington and Canada, carrying any marijuana products across the border—even those used for health issues, and do not contain THC, are strictly forbidden.

Even though when you get to Canada you are likely to read about weed in the weekly, including how to MAKE HASH AT HOME.

It especially was an issue because I took a bus to Vancouver and therefore I had to disembark and go through customs. I reported the vegetables I was carrying: celery sticks. They searched my bag and gave me a bunch of crap because I didn’t report the tincture bottle.

Beyond that I had a great time in Vancouver. It is so pretty!.

All the things I did in Vancouver:

  • walked around Davies street near plentiful LBGT bars
  • walked along the waterfront to Stanley Park
  • rented a bike and rode around Stanley Park (hourly or by the day, lots of bike rentals on the northeast side of park)
  • ate Korean black bean noodles
  • explored the west end checking out the shops
  • went on a Latin dance cruise with a buffet and saw the most amazing views
  • traveled to Granville Island by water taxi ($5 round trip, 5 minutes)
  • attended the Vancouver Latin American film festival
  • spent the day reading on Jericho Beach in the sun
  • walked or took the bus everywhere

It is a beautiful city, similar to Seattle in almost majestic way. The English Bay that surrounds Vancouver seems bigger then the Puget Sound and the mountains higher. I also happened to be there on a exceptional sunny day.

There’s also a lot of high rises around downtown Vancouver—which seemed mostly to be apartments. Different then Seattle, where our high rises seem more for business. Large parts of downtown Vancouver are made for living in and are nice.

I stayed at Hosteling International (HI) in downtown. It is my go to hostel brand these days. Easy, affordable, clean. The Vancouver downtown hostel was in a great location for everything I wanted to do. They also have a generous continental breakfast which is rare for a hostel. HI Downtown also has a rooftop deck.

My third night in Vancouver I stayed at Hl Jericho Beach, which is right near the beach on the Kitsilano side of Vancouver. HI Jericho Beach wasn’t as nice but the location was excellent.

I highly recommend this beach! Beautiful views and it goes on for long time.

Why do we travel? One reason is to do things that we don’t normally get to do at home.

I went to the closing night of the Vancouver Latin American film festival and saw a movie from Mexico called ASFIXIA with actress and producer in attendance. I also attended the closing after party, ate as many Brazilian deep fried cheese balls as I could and tried to act cool.

Vancouver Latin American Film Festival
Giants, Os Gemos

One of the most satisfying things that happened during my trip was that I got to see street art by Os Gemos, brother artists duo from Brazil. I have been following them for awhile and had not yet seen any of their work in person. Their piece is on Granville island—a shopping artsy place you go to by water taxi and is painted on cement silos at a concrete factory. Granville used to an industrial zone but it has become an artists enclave and tourist destination. There is very nice high quality goods at Granville but unless you want to shop–an hour is enough time to spend there.

Giants, Os Gemos

Every city needs art and art has to be in the middle of the people. -OSGEMOS

I didn’t even begin to tap into the great food that exists in Vancouver. People lining up for ramen, fresh looking bakeries, authentic ethnic food of many varieties everywhere.

I considered the Richmond night market, just outside of Vancouver and heard is like Hong Kong but that I decided that would have to be another trip in itself.

Vancouver House Leaning Tower

Vancouver felt diverse, vibrant and sophisticated, a little more so then the Pacific Northwest in the United States.

For love of adventure and freedom–Erin

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