I was asked today what my blog was about and I gave my usual answer, a little of this and a little of that.

But what it really is about is a progression into a better way of living personally and collectively. Living in a way that isn’t normally done or goes against the status quo.

Far to often in life I think people settle. People settle for unnecessary suffering or a life that is less than what they long for, especially in the face of adversity.

I’m inviting you to consider a new way of thinking.

For example suppose you have someone who commutes two hours a day and it’s tiring. Then person has a bad attitude or road rage. The person continues to live on in an unhappy way and they are justified because everyone knows commuting two hours a day sucks. And we agree with them, furthering their justification for being this way. Maybe they could arrange things differently or make some internal adjustments since ultimately they were working at a job that fulfilled their personal goals.

What is normal often in our culture is to accept a certain level of unhappiness. But it’s not necessary. I’m not going to say that I am happy all the time because I’m not. I have challenges and irritations like everyone else. I went through a dark night and I don’t have everything figured out.

But what I do think is that each person needs to take responsibility for their own happiness and broaden their ideas of possibility and empowerment. Sometimes it’s not an outward change, it’s merely an acknowledgement of this is the life you are creating on a daily basis. No one else is doing it to me.

This is not to say hard things don’t occur because they do but when a person or a society’s point of view of what is possible becomes small or stuck, life can be hard and not very satisfying.

In my own life when I have taken risks towards what I really want in life, thus fulfilling my needs, I have found much more personal happiness. For me this is where Travel and Bliss come in. I don’t think everyone should travel but I do think you should do what makes your heart soar.

Radical Health is along the same lines of stepping out of the box. I decided to use the word radical because while there are strong movements in the United States around health there still is this tendency to give ones power over to doctors, fads, economics, bad habits and disregard the power of food and lifestyle. It is possible to have good health. But it takes work, diligence, restraint and know-how. It’s radical to do so and it takes a radical effort.

La Calle (street is Spanish) was what I renamed the merging of posts I wrote having to do with social justice and my love of street art. Both tend to happen in the street and are not a part of the establishment. Street artists are often working for social justice and (sometimes) don’t have the same privilege as gallery or museum artists. La Calle also represents people doing the work that keeps life going, the laborers, the farmers and service people and anyone or anything marginalized in society.

Memoir is still in the works but most of my writing is often from a place of assertion of what is important or needs to be brought out into the open whether it’s personal stories or essays. Future ideas for memoir include twenty years of living in bohemian Northen California, a life that was full of formative wild and alternative adventures.

Follow the journey—