I was born to parents who rather than tuning in, turning on and dropping out-they dropped into the world of macrobiotics and organic food. This was the early 70’s and only a few knew about organics. I grew up as an integral part of my family’s farm and that health was paramount. By eleven years old I was running the household, cooking lunch for the workers out in the field and taking care of my baby sister. We were farming 20 acres of organic vegetables and sold to markets in New York City and Boston.

At 19, eager to spread my wings, I went west to the Northern California town of healing arts: Santa Cruz–mecca for people who want to pursue the alternative health path. I went to massage school and became employed at unique vitamin and apocatherapy store. There I worked alongside acupuncturists and practitioners of herbal medicine and I studied herbalism, nutrition and other healing modalities. I received a certificate in Massage Therapy and became a certified Natural Health Counselor.

I continued to live on the West coast of the United States for many years. Living in alternative and progressive communities has shaped my world view. I have been a Samba and Salsa dancer/performer, explored polyamory and been a part of the sex-positive communities of San Francisco.

I have spread my wings again and I am currently exploring my love for Latin America. I am free to persue my dreams through travel and a nomadic lifestyle. I hope to inspire via my experiences and wisdom I have learned along the way.

Join the journey—



3 thoughts on “Bio

  1. Fascinating to read about your full background, Erin! Your parents (and you) really lived what so many people were only talking (or reading) about. Amazing that at age 11, you were running the household, cooking lunch for field workers, and taking care of your baby sis. Though, come to think of it, that’s the level of responsibility expected of children in most third-world cultures, and also in the U.S. in earlier eras. You were actually fortunate to learn how capable you were at such an early age!

    Love the name of your blog, too: Organic Bella. I look forward to reading more!

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