Fremont (Seattle) Summer Solstice Parade

I was glad to see that the freaks and geeks and pagans and queers and just generally creative, political people are alive and well in Seattle. The city has changed a lot in the past ten years in terms of development and demographics. But so far in this little corner of the city, hippies remain. This photo essay is missing many of the famous naked … Continue reading Fremont (Seattle) Summer Solstice Parade

La Gozadera Gente D Zona Ft Marc Anthony’

I heard this song last weekend at Carnaval SF and then Pandora played it on the Marc Anthony station. And now–I can’t stop watching the video. But listening is a close second. It’s with Cuban group Gente D Zona and Marc Anthony but it’s about everybody of Latin America. I think the opening line is interesting that Miami–a US city is the confirmation. Practice your … Continue reading La Gozadera Gente D Zona Ft Marc Anthony’