Que Chevere!

Chevere means cool in Spanish. Que Chevere!, how awesome, how great. While staying at my friend’s house I discovered a record player on the Lanai in the scrumptious back yard. Generously sized and full of fruit trees, I put Stevie on while chilling and picking up ripe apricots that had fallen onto the ground. Stevie Wonder knew about Chevere back in ’73 and says in … Continue reading Que Chevere!

More for the Madonna generation

A-ha I am getting old. The other day I was telling my twenty something coworker about one of my new favorite websites, Pandora.com It is really awesome. It’s an online make your own radio station, part of the music geonome project, where music is classified by “genes”, truly an homage to musical organization without the normal bias. Rather then designating a band based on its … Continue reading More for the Madonna generation