Supplements I Will Never Travel Without

1. Probiotics – This is an obvious one but an important one since dysentery while traveling is a common occurrence. Therefore building and maintaining the digestive flora of your gut while traveling is a top priority. These helpful bacteria are an essential part if our immune system and play a role in digestive health. Start taking them before you travel to get a head start … Continue reading  Supplements I Will Never Travel Without

Fall: The Word for this Season is Slow 

It’s fall baby. The colors may have not changed yet but we’ve passed the equinox and it’s almost October. It’s time to slllloooowwww dooooowwwwn.  It’s getting dark earlier and the weather is finally changing from the summer heat. As much as we might want to keep up the pace of summer our bodies might not let us and it’s time to listen. I’m feeling it. … Continue reading Fall: The Word for this Season is Slow 

Simple Baked Veggies

My housemate has turned me on to a simple easy way to eat vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower and zucchini. It’s especially great if you are busy and want to put them in the oven and continue accomplishing tasks. Some people marinate before baking vegetables but with softer vegetables like these, it’s not necessary. My housemate uses olive oil, salt and pepper. I traded out the pepper for garlic granules. … Continue reading Simple Baked Veggies

30 days of Lemon Water for Beauty and Health

Why Lemon Water? It’s alkaline. The body thrives in a slightly alkaline state–yet just about everything we eat and drink is acid. Stress and exercise can create acidity. Lemon water is one thing you can do to counteract an over acidic state. Even though lemon juice is acid when consumed it creates alkalinity. It’s a boon for the liver–it can help the body detox and … Continue reading 30 days of Lemon Water for Beauty and Health