About Me

I believe everyone is born into this world with a special essence to express and share with the world.

Here is mine.

I was was born to parents who were products of the 1960’s who fell in love and dreamed of a world living naturally and in harmony with the earth. They became organic farmers and have been producing health food since the 70s.

I have carried those principles throughout my life –in my work (15+ years in the natural products industry) and the way I take care of my body.

I have found my magic through travel, adventure and challenging limitations–personal or societal. I have a special connection with the music, people and places of Latin America.

I have background in Brazilian dance, Zumba and Cuban Salsa.

I believe the universe is bountiful, benevolent and that you create your reality based on what you believe.

I am a bold communicator and want to use my voice and my passions to inspire others in better ways to live.

I am currently working on a business model/ website about living in possibility, adventure, caring for the earth and our bodies to be launched in 2020.